Light Sport Aircraft for Today’ s Full-On Aviation Experience
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Light Sport Aircraft offer something exciting for every pilot. Whether you’ve just awakened to the general aviation lifestyle after years of dreaming, or you’re a seasoned veteran with thousands of hours in your cherished log, Gobosh Aviation has the Sport Airplane to meet your needs and to exceed your expectations.

Gobosh Aviation is unique among a field of LSA start-up aircraft importers, distributors and dealers. Gobosh is an American company whose roots go deep into the highly-structured world of FAA-certified aircraft. Using that expertise, Gobosh works directly with LSA manufacturers to design, customize and standardize aircraft specifically for the American market.

The result is a premier line of Sport Aircraft with standardized cockpit layouts, upgraded leather interiors, custom paint and much more. Additionally Gobosh carries a parts inventory centrally located in the United States, so replacement parts are typically only 24 hours away. Take one look and we think you’ll agree that Gobosh Aviation sport airplanes offer the highest level of quality fit and finish available backed by the longest warranty in their class. Take a demonstration flight and you’ll be convinced that the product - and support - is the envy of its class.


If you can find a better Light Sport Aircraft – buy it. To explore the Gobosh line, click here.

Lets See America for recreation
Lets See America for recreation
LifeStyle Acceleration for newbies
Life Style Acceleration for newbies
Luxury Sport Aircraft for personal transportation
Luxury Sport Aircraft for personal transportation

Go along for a ride and experience the Excitement of a FLYING in a Gobosh 700.

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Gobosh - What does Gobosh Mean?

Gobosh - short for Go Big Or Stay Home. At Gobosh we take our business very seriously. Our attitude is that if we set about undertaking any project, it should be done properly, to the highest standards, and deliver the best value to our customers. In the Light Sport Arena, this means delivering a fully equipped Luxury Sport Aircraft, complete with all the instruments and equipment required (Radio, Transponder, GPS). Also included is shipping, importation, US registration, items charged separately by some other suppliers. Gobosh includes a 2 year 400 hour warranty as standard.

Gobosh - providing the best value Light Sport Aircraft available, with no hidden charges. Doing things right the first time.

Gobosh - Go Big Or Stay Home