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800XP Composite Low Wing

800XP Composite Low Wing


For years, the Czech Republic has been the breeding ground of legendary high-performance aircraft. So it should come as no surprise to discover that many of today’s field of Light Sport Aircraft can trace their roots to this European aviation Mecca. And that is where Gobosh went to find an aircraft manufacturing partner to fill the high-performance low-wing niche in the product line. Granted the FAA limits LSA performance to a maximum speed of 120 knots but within the sport aircraft class, the 800XP has no equal. In fact, the 800XP had to be artificially slowed down to make it LSA eligible.


The 800XP represents the ultimate all-composite Light Sport Aircraft. The structural composite design is similar to that employed by the world’s most successful personal aircraft and commercial aircraft manufacturers and even the United States military. Structural composite means that the airframe itself provides the strength without the need for a supplemental metal frame beneath a composite skin. Additionally, the nature of composites means that a sleek fuselage mated to high-performance laminar flow wing results in an aerodynamically efficient, safe and fast airframe. It’s no wonder that a retractable variant of the 800XP holds numerous world speed records.


Gobosh Aviation brought the 800XP to life through a collaboration of with the Kabrt Brothers, the most productive and successful airframe designers in the LSA class. Their other airframes are already renowned for their popularity and quality. However the 800XP is the Kabrt Brother’s crowning achievement whose design and performance surpasses all previous work. Gobosh makes the 800XP available with the Dynon Glass Panel supported by select Garmin components to complete the technologically advanced feel of the 800XP. This parachute-equipped all-composite beauty has ramp appeal unlike any other Luxury Sport Aircraft inside and out. So when only the best in class modern sport aircraft will do – the 800XP stands alone.


800XP Specifications

Airframe Dimensions, Weights and Capacities
36' 6 "
6' 11 "
Fuselage Length
20' 4 "
Cabin Width
Prop Diameter
5' 8"
Empty Weight
760 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight
1,320 lbs
Useable Fuel (US)
29 gal
Useful Load
560 lbs
Full Fuel Payload
390 lbs
Airframe and Powerplant
Rotax 912
Gobosh Warranty
2 yr/400 hr
Aircraft Performance, Capabilities and Speeds
Take-off Distance [ground roll]
520 ft
Landing Distance [ground roll]
550 ft
Take-off Distance [to clear a 50’ obstacle]
1,050 ft
Landing Distance [to clear a 50’ obstacle]
1,100 ft
Sea Level Climb Rate
850 fpm
Service Ceiling
13,200 msl
Maximum Range
730 nm
Fuel Flow
3.8 gph
Maximum Cruise Speed
119 ktas
Stall speed or minimum steady flight speed for which the aircraft is still controllable in a specific configuration. [Vs1]
45 kts
Stall speed or minimum flight speed in landing configuration. [Vs0]
35 kts
Best Rate of Climb [Vy]
65 kts
Maneuvering Speed [Va]
88 kts
Normal Operating Speed [Vno]
110 kts
Never Exceed Speed [Vne]
145 kts
Lisgt Sport Aircraft Gobosh 800XP


Purchasing an aircraft from Gobosh Aviation will provide an ownership experience second to none. We believe that providing a trouble-free experience is what sets Gobosh Aviation apart in the LSA marketplace. Thus all Gobosh aircraft are supported by a 2 year/400 hour airframe warranty. Purchase an aircraft from Gobosh and you’ll be glad you did.



Upon delivery of your new aircraft, A Gobosh Authorized Sales center will provide a thorough ground and in-flight check-out. Whether you’re a high-time pilot or just starting out, every aircraft has unique systems and procedures to master. At Gobosh Aviation, purchasing an aircraft is a full-service experience that makes aircraft ownership a true pleasure.



The beauty of general aviation is that it makes the world a smaller place. With a cruise speed of 120 knots (138 mph), a Gobosh dealer is closer than you think. Find the dealer location that is most convenient for you and schedule your demo flight today. You next big adventure is just beyond the horizon.



Gobosh aircraft are designed to be simple and easy to maintain. Any FAA-approved maintenance facility is capable of maintaining your Gobosh Aircraft. Gobosh Aviation stands behind every aircraft sale. And to make certain that your aircraft provides years of faithful service, Gobosh Aviation is establishing a national network of service centers Gobosh maintains a full inventory of aircraft specific parts at a Midwestern location. Most parts are a mere 24 hours away.


The Rotax engine is simple to maintain and easy to service. Contact your local Rotax engine dealer. Additionally any authorized Rotax service center is authorized to service your Gobosh aircraft. Wherever you travel or wherever you’re based, there is a conveniently located service center.


800XP Pricing


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